NYC: A Creative Community

To say my creative community was limited in high school would be an understatement. It consisted of a few members from the marching band’s horn section with excellent tastes in movies.

Now in school, creatives are coming out of the woodwork and it is both a blessing and inspiration to be surrounded by them.

They keep you sharp, they keep you inspired and they hold you accountable.

Meet Jonathan!

He is a New York-based cinematographer who has gained experience the past two years working alongside creatives in New York. He is currently starting a film production company with one of his brothers.

He is also my friend.

Jonathan working on a short fashion film project.

Where my blog touches on the commercialization of an art form, Jonathan writes on the creative processes he uses to create his content.

Breaking into a creative marketplace can be daunting, to say the least. Especially in a city as large as New York. A city in which it seems that most new ideas are old and everyone is the best at everything.

Through his blog, Jonathan is working to make this transition into the industry a little easier. He has a “how to” post that is complementary of my blog.  Whether it is screen printing fabrics or creating short films, it is so helpful to know that other creatives have paved a way.



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