Feeling burned out? You’re not the only one!

So with all my planning and all my work,  I was ready to begin printing.

Ready to start. Everything I had worked for, leading up to this moment.

And I am stuck.

I have never experienced a loss in steam such as this. All of my passion for this project and the building up to finally doing it have left me without any motivation or will to continue.  But I have friends who believe in me so much that they donated to this project.  And therefore, I will see it though.

I wanted to get to the root of this apathy so I went to the internet.  According to one article, the source of my lethargy could be anything from fearing failure to having an aversion to risk. This article is actually quite informative on why anyone has a loss of steam. I would aboslutely reccomend checking it out.

I knew I was burned out, but knowing why made all the difference. But what was even more encouraging is to know that I am not alone. After typing in a few different key words – losing steam, how to regain motivation, how to not burn out on projects –  an entire community oppened to me. And even better, it is a community of creatives.

It is unknown why creatives burn out so easily. The most tangible example of this being ‘writer’s block.’ But whatever the cause of this, it is so encouraging to know that it is a consistent problem in the creative marketplace, and I am not alone. One specific blog post emphasizes the importance of flexing other creative muscles to bring new life to projects. This exercise has proven to be extremely helpful for me and my project.

And an exciting update: I begin printing THIS WEEK!

Keep a lookout for whats to come!!



5 Replies to “Feeling burned out? You’re not the only one!”

  1. WOW! This blog rung too true for me! I think my fear of failure is why I lose steam on most of my projects because no one wants to be remembered as the jabroni who failed. Glad to know I’m not alone and want to hear more about how to get myself out of this slump!

  2. As a fellow creative, this is so helpful! It is really tough to deal with a lack of inspiration. Thanks for sharing about how you fought it!

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