Building the Brand

It is no secret that branding has become necessary for businesses and people alike to do anything in this world. You have to have a brand in order to, get a job, run a business or even sell health insurance.

And I hate it.

The idea that a business or entity decides how the world can perceive them through a social media strategy can be very empowering. Empowering for those who are confident in their well-developed abilities.

And for those who aren’t as well versed in the matter, branding and self-promotion can prove to be a daunting and task.

Diving head-first into the project was so exciting for me because it was something I was passionate about pursuing. The counterpart of this endeavor that I was not anticipating was the need to build not only a business but also a brand.

Definitely keep up with my attempts through the Instagram link below! But also, look into what more established people have to say. I have also linked below an article from Duct Tape Marketing, a marketing firm that I have found helpful in my attempt to succeed on social media.



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  1. Interesting perspective. I love branding! Maybe we should work together next time to create a holistic brand where each of us uses our gifts to further a company.

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